UCM’s 13th Annual Quality & Safety Symposium: Call for Proposals & Posters

The 13th Annual Quality & Safety Symposium celebrates improvements and innovation in quality, safety, and patient experience at UCM.  Each year, hundreds of staff members and faculty participate by presenting posters showcasing improvements in quality and patient safety, as well as by attending the conference.  I hope you will participate in one of the exciting opportunities on that day.


1) Quality and Safety Symposium: Call for Posters              Submission deadline: Friday, March 16th

We invite you to submit a poster showcasing improvements in your department. Last year, more than 100 teams presented their work.  This year, we invite you to submit a poster showcasing improvements in your department. Any area of clinical effectiveness can be highlighted: innovations and improvements in efficiency, patient centeredness, safety, timeliness, effectiveness, and equitable care. The 2018 UCM poster template and information on poster design is available here 


2) 5th Annual UCM Innovations Grant Program     Proposal deadline: Friday, March 16th 

This $100,000 grant program supports projects that use research-quality methods to design, implement, and/or evaluate innovative solutions to operational challenges or areas in need of improvement at the University of Chicago Medicine.  Proposals must be multi-disciplinary in nature. The program’s goal is to help identify and develop future innovators and to create value for our patients. Grants in the amount of $25,000 to $50,000 each will be announced at the Quality & Safety Symposium. This program is generously supported by a philanthropic donor, with matching support from the medical center.  Grant information is available on the Center for Healthcare Delivery Science & Innovation website


2) 4th Annual Choosing Wisely Challenge Deadline: Friday, March 16th

The Choosing Wisely Challenge is available to students, residents, fellows or staff at UCM. The project proposals will be judged by a panel of medical center leaders and two will be implemented at the University of Chicago Medicine.  Staff, students, residents or fellows, from any discipline may propose a solution for one of the 5 identified problems for a collaborative project that will add value to UCM.  Entries should be less than 500 words describing their solution.  Submit your Choosing Wisely solution here.



Hosted By
UCM Center for Healthcare Delivery Science & Innovation

May 2, 2018

12:00pm - 5:00pm

DCAM Atrium (4th Floor)