Tim Murgu ,MD , Professor of Medicine  (Pulmonary/Critical Care) was named as a recipient of the  World Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (WABIP)  Dumon Award in recognition of his accomplishments and commitment to bronchology and interventional pulmonology (IP). The Dumon Award is named for Jean-Francois Dumon  who is recognized today as the “father” of interventional bronchoscopy. From his Centre Laser in Marseille, France, he generously hosted bronchoscopists from around the world. By providing observational and hands-on experiences to hundreds for almost thirty years, he rejuvenated the art and science of rigid bronchoscopy, laser resection, video-assisted airway imaging, and stent insertion. Those he inspired continue to disseminate innovative techniques for managing central airway obstruction to the benefit of their patients and society.

Dr. Murgu  is a highly skilled interventional pulmonologist with  specific expertise in minimally invasive techniques, such as bronchoscopic and pleural procedures, to diagnose and treat patients with central airway disorders. Dr. Murgu’s specialty extends to a wide range of central airway disorders, including tracheal stenosis, tracheobronchomalacia, excessive dynamic airway collapse and airway obstruction from cancer. He also performs laser-assisted mechanical dilation of airway strictures, airway stenting and bronchoscopic treatments for benign and malignant airway lesions using photodynamic therapy, cryotherapy and electrosurgery techniques.

Dr. Murgu’s  clinical and research interests include minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for patients suffering from benign and malignant airway obstruction. In his research, Dr. Murgu is evaluating the safety and outcomes of multimodal bronchoscopic interventions for patients suffering from benign and malignant airway obstruction. He published articles on the role of bronchoscopy for molecular testing, diagnosis of lung nodules, and therapeutic bronchoscopy for central airway disorders. Additionally, he authored a best-selling textbook on bronchoscopy as well as written numerous book chapters and clinical guidelines pertinent to the management of patients with lung cancer.

Dr. Murgu is also actively involved in creating education projects for physicians to enhance their treatment techniques. With this new curriculum, physicians learn by using simulation technology, interactive step-by-step instructions and problem-based teaching which create an engaging and authentic learning environment. His contributions to the field of procedure-related training has been recognized by his peers and professional societies.