The Training Program in Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition at The University of Chicago is committed to preparing highly qualified physicians for careers in academic Gastroenterology in an atmosphere designed to promote optimal development of each individual’s career. Our fellows will have a broad training experience that is both practical and scholarly with exposure to clinical problems of Gastroenterology as well as in-depth investigative training. Please follow the appropriate link below to find out more about our training programs.

For more information about our fellowship program, click here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koZ5kAb0tlU

Fellowship Program Application Deadlines/Dates Calendar
Fellowship Program July 2019 Positions Application Receipt Date July 2020 Positions Application Deadline Interview Notification Dates Interview Date
ACGME Accredited Positions (How to apply)
Gastroenterology Clinical Investigator/Basic Science FILLED 7/30/19
3 positions
Before 9/1/19 Saturday-9/28/19
(one day)
Advanced Hepatology FILLED 10/1/19
1 position
October, 2019 Scheduled individually
Non-ACGME Positions
Advanced IBD FILLED Applications accepted on a rolling basis
1 position
Scheduled individually
Advanced Interventional/EUS FILLED 11/1/19
1 position
Scheduled individually
Fellowship in Clinical Nutrition FILLED 8/1/19
1 position
November, 2019 Scheduled individually


Where indicated, deadlines are strict. Exceptions will not be allowed.