Honor Roll

Name on Plaque Room #
Lottie and Max Dresher M-408
Irvin and Charlotte Brodsky M-406
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Heller M-405
Andrew S. Kende and Family M-404
In memory of Naomi Antonow. Given by The Joseph P. Antonow Family M-403
In memory of Evelyn and Edward Matz, Sr. M-401
Della K. and Burton S. Bachman Room outside M-401 office
Given by the Jerry E. Poncher Family in memory of our loved ones M-411
In honor of Joseph B. Kirsner. Given by Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Davis A-416
In honor of Maurice Goldblatt. Given by The Cancer Research Foundation. Bernice Goldblatt, Merle and Seymour A. Cohen, and Dudly and Stanford J. Goldblatt A-417
Given by the Joseph E. Valenti Family A-415/A-412
In memory of husband and father Norman H. Stone. The Norman H. Stone Family A-414
The funding of the cell-tech research project was made possible through the generosity of the GI Research Foundation and benefactors A (between A-414 and A-416)
The creation of the Joseph B. Kirsner Center for the Study of Digestive Diseases was made possible through the generosity of the GI Research Foundation and benefactors 4th floor where M and A hallways meet
The GI Research Center honors the memory of Bruce Edward Arnold and Anita R. Arnold A-413
In honor of our daughter Valerie Fiterman Herschman bby Shirley and Miles Fiterman A-411
Given by Harriet Wolfson. In loving memory of my husband Howard E. Wolfson A-410/P-436
Given by Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Poden A-405
In loving memory of Sadie and Sam Byron. The Sidney L. Port Family A-406
The Reva and David Logan Center for Clinical Research in Gastroenterology A-403
In loving memory of Ruth D. Cummins. The Robert P. Cummins Family S-401F
In loving memory of Rebecca and Harry Port. The Sidney L. Port Family S-401G
Given by the GI Research Foundation Women’s Auxiliary S-401H/M-412
In Memory of Harold and Lucille Lederer S-401J
In honor of Joseph B. Kirsner from Charles W. and Tillie Lubin and Family M-421/M-424
Given by Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pogofsky and Family. In memory of Hermine Groner Pogofsky
Given by Helen and Philip Brody M-457
In memory of Harry R. Schultz M-453
Given by the China Trade and Development Corporation. Jen-Tao Tsang, Chairman of the Board M-454
Given by Helen and Jules Abramson M-454A
Given by Mr. and Mrs. Eli Field M-454B
In honor of Joseph B. Kirsner. Irving and Ruth Swartzberg M-454C
Given by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Modell, Cleveland Browns Football Company M-454D
The Martin Boyer Laboratories G-508/G-500
Conference room donated by GIRF Women’s Board G-508
Genetic engineering and urology core labs. Getz Foundation G-504
The building of these labs was made possible by the generosity of members and friends of the GI Research Foundation outside G-504
Celiac disease research and education at U of C has been advanced through a generous gift from the Galter Foundation 2003 G-504
GIRF making a dream a reality. Joel and Norma Cohen, campaign chairpersons G-500
William J. Weisz and Barbara B. Weisz Molecular Genetics Research Lab inside G-500
DNA Analysis and Immunology Core Lab. Martin N. Sandler and Joseph E. Valenti Sr. G-500A
Technology Core Lab. CDW Computer Centers, Inc. Howard and Linda Ring G-500B
IBD Functional Genomics Core Lab. Charlotte and Irving Brodsky, Elaine and Burton L. Gordon, Mary Pat and Theodore Ross G-500C
In memory of Angelica Filloramo Biosca, R.P.T. Genetic Cryo-storage Lab G-500D
Harriet and Ernest R. Katz. Lymphocyte/Cell Line Lab G-500F
Arthur and Marian Edelstein Molecular and Cell Biology Core Lab G-500
Emma Getz IBD Research Center by G-500
The Meta Gross GI Research Wing 7th floor start of G hallway
GIRF plaque (with photos of Dr. Kirsner and two other doctors) 7th floor start of G hallway
Technology Research Room donated by the Charles Edison Fund G-706
The Barbara and Gerald Schultz Mucosal Immunology Lab G-701
The Marjorie and Martin R. Binder Transgenic Animal and Cell Culture Core Lab G-710
The Leo and Hortense Singer Molecular Cell Biology Lab G-712
The Bettie and Sidney L. Port Cytokine and Inflammation Lab G-701
In honor of the generous  contributions of Majorie I. Mitchell G-701
Conference room Miles and Shirley Fiterman. In honor of Joseph B. Kirsner MD. and Valerie Fiterman-Herschman G-703
The Elaine and Burton Gordon Immuno-genetics Lab G-712
The Al Robin Confocal Microscopy Lab G-715A
Administrative and faculty offices donated by GIRF Women’s Board G-705
In honor of the wonderful women and men of the GIRF — True humanitarians and generous supporters of GI research at U of C outside G elevator