The Department of Medicine is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 faculty awards.

Special Awards 

  • Elbert Huang,MD (General Internal Medicine)- Arthur Rubenstein,MD Faculty Mentorship Award
  • Megan Husingh Scheetz,MD (Geriatrics/Palliative Medicine)- Leif B. Sorensen Faculty Research Award
  • Neda Laiteerapong,MD(General Internal Medicine)- Leif B. Sorensen Faculty Research Award
  • Kamala Cotts,MD (General Internal Medicine)- Diversity Award

Clinical Service  Awards:

  • Productivity Awards:
    • Mary Hammes,MD(Nephrology)- Procedure Activity
    • John Purakal,MD (Emergency Medicine)- Evaluation & Management
    • Corey Tabit,MD (Cardiology)- Patient Visits
    • Nicole Stankus,MD (Nephrology)- Overall Clinical Activity Award
  • Tamar Polonsky,MD (Cardiology)- Outstanding Clinical Service Award
  • Bryan Smith,MD(Cardiology)- Overall Clinical Excellence (New Faculty) Award
  • Sonali Smith,MD (Hematology/Oncology)- Patient Satisfaction Award

Education Awards:

  • Adam Cifu,MD (General Internal Medicine)- Pre- Clinical Teacher of the Year Award
  • Keme Carter,MD (Emergency Medicine)- Clinical Teacher of the Year Award
  • Hemal Nayak,MD (Cardiology)- Postgraduate Education Award
  • Alejandro Palma,MD (Emergency Medicine)- Emergency Medicine Outstanding Clinical Teaching Award
  • Paul Quincy Moore,MD (Emergency Medicine)- Emergency Medicine Mentorship Award
  • Medical Resident Teaching Awards:
    • Kirk Spencer,MD
    • Kamala Cotts,MD
    • Philip Hoffman,MD
    • Wendy Stock,MD
    • Todd Stern,MD