Research Training

Fellows in the basic research track will have the first year oriented toward the acquisition of clinical skills, and the initiation of laboratory investigative projects. The second and third years focus on basic laboratory investigation with selective continuing clinical exposure.

Fellows in the research track are included as part of an institutional NIH training grant, held by the Section for the last 32 years. This provides fellows with an excellent opportunity to train with faculty not only with the Section of Gastroenterology but also in other departments within the University. The training grant supports approximately two research fellows every three years.

During the research training experience, fellows are expected to retain at least one continuity clinic for ongoing contact with outpatients. The rest of the time is protected for research activities.

Research Preceptors

Faculty members in the Section of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition are currently involved in a number of basic and clinical research investigations on many different diseases and disorders. Below is a list of the research and clinical research faculty members . Information about specific interests may be found here

  • Dionysios Antonopoulous,PhD
  • Andrew Aronsohn,MD
  • Marc Bissonnette,MD
  • Michael Charlton,MD
  • Eugene B. Chang,MD
  • Russell D. Cohen,MD
  • A. Murat Eren,PhD
  • Ira Hanan,MD
  • Bana Jabri,MD,PhD
  • Robert Kavitt,MD
  • Karen E. Kim,MD
  • Sonia S. Kupfer,MD
  • Yanchun Li,PhD
  • Edwin McDonald,MD
  • Eric Pamer,MD
  • Sonali Paul,MD
  • Joel Pekow,MD
  • Anjana Pillai,MD
  • B.H.Gerald Rogers,MD
  • David T. Rubin,MD
  • Atsushi Sakuraba,MD,PhD
  • Carol Semrad,MD
  • Neil Sengupta,MD
  • Uzma D. Siddiqui,MD
  • Helen Te,MD
  • Irving Waxman,MD