The Changing Face of Medicine- On The Midway

Billings Auditorium, a center of communal learning for students and faculty at the Pritzker School of Medicine, is not the newest, flashiest, or best-lit of the many large, tiered classrooms on the University of Chicago campus.

It is, however, revered as a venue for addressing some of the challenges that most affect human lives. How to strengthen the doctor-patient relationship. How to improve equity in the US health care system. How to reduce violence, increase reproductive justice, use technology for the good of our patients.

Billings Auditorium is an important gathering space for grand rounds, influential speakers, and the box lunches that keep one going on days packed with learning, teaching, patients, working one’s hardest to become a better doctor.




Originally published by the Medical and Biological Sciences Alumni Association, 9/25/2019