ACGME Sleep Fellowship


The Sleep Medicine Fellowship Program is particularly proud of the quality and diversity of the teaching experience, including the many conferences and seminars.

Several important conferences are offered as part of the teaching program:

Core Curriculum: weekly one-hour conference during the year covering topics such as normal human sleep, basics of polysomnography, sleep physiology, insomnia, sleep-disordered breathing (obstructive, central, periodic breathing, obesity hypoventilation), pediatric sleep disorders (respiratory and non-respiratory), parasomnias, RLS/PLMD’s, pharmacology of sleep, narcolepsy, sleep and other comorbidities (cardiometabolic disease, respiratory disorders, endocrine, CNS, and neuromuscular disorders), circadian rhythm disorders, among other topics.

Multidisciplinary Conference: weekly one-hour conference including presentation of cases by fellows with a goal of developing a formalized approach to clinical problem solving. During these sessions’ polysomnograms or other recorded material are presented as well.

Journal Club: monthly one-hour conference during which fellows present and discuss in depth important recent articles in Sleep Medicine.

Board Review: Included within each lecture, fellows have resources to present and discuss board review questions each Friday. It is designed to be interactive and get fellows ready for sleep medicine board certification.

Research Conference: monthly one-hour conference also provides basics on research methodology. The University of Chicago, as an ATS ASPIRE Fellowship collaborating institution, participates in research webinars.

Additional exposure to invited speakers, experts on sleep topics in the fields of respiratory, endocrine, cardiology, hospital medicine and aging is provided.