1978    Frank A. Ventimiglia

1979    Joel D. Howell

1980    Timothy Koch

1981    Narumi Ohara

1982    Ishan Bhattacharya

1983    Charles L. Baum

1984    No award given

1985    Howard J. Worman

1986    Carol Ann Olson

1987    Elizabeth Bernstein & Matthew B. Smith

1988    Linda Lee & Grace Su

1989    David P. Dunham & Jennifer Lim-Dunham

1990    Roy M. Soetikno

1991    No award given

1992    Scott Yen

1993    No award given

1994    David T. Rubin

1995    Kenneth P. Jiang

1996    Paul Edmund Wischmeyer

1997    No award given

1998    Andrew J. MacGinnitie & Kerstin Moorehead

1999    Keith Lenchner

2000    Rachel Chong

2001    Sonia Kupfer & Flavio Rocha

2002    Alvaro Lucioni

2004    S. Kim

2005    Nicole Lemieux

2006    Sushila Rani Dalal

2007    Jeffrey Robert Lewis

2008    Sujit Janardhan

2009    Jamie Rothe

2010    George Weyer

2011    Adam Mikolajczyk

2012    Tien Dong

2013    Joseph Triggs

2014    Justin Tomal

2015     Michael Hayes

2016    Kenneth Barshop

2017    Jad Abi-Mansour



The creation of the Joseph B. Kirsner Center for the Study Of Digestive Diseases was made possible through the generosity of the Gastro-Intestinal Research Foundation and the following benefactors:

Mr and Mrs Earl Abramson

Helen and Jules Abramson

Steven and Barbara Amdur

American National Bank of Chicago Foundation

Mr and Mrs Robert M Anderson

Joseph P Antonow Family

Della K and Burton S Bachmann

Sanford and Renee Bank

Sheldon and Estelle Bernstein

Martin R Binder Family

Leroy Blommaert

Mr and Mrs Martin Boyer

Benjamin and Sally Braude

Mr and Mrs Brodsky

Helen and Philip Brody

Mr and Mrs Maurice Bronner

Mr and Mrs Robert Bronner

Isidore Brown

Ronald and Ruth Buchanan

Evelyn Buchman

Mr and Mrs Paul A Cast

Cleveland Browns Football Company

Sue and Jim Colletti

Mrs Jerome M Comar

Mr and Mrs Robert P. Cummins

Barbara and Marvin Davis

Ada W and Albert H Dolin

Dennis and Sherri Dorman

Lottie and Max Dresher

Mr and Mrs Sigmund Edelstone

Howard and Gerry Eiseman

Nancy Elin Eisenberg

Mr and Mrs Rueben Feinberg

Eli and Dina Field

Robert and Bettie Fishbein

Mr and Mrs Kenneth H Fisher

Mr and Mrs Miles Fiterman

Mr and Mrs Seymour Freed

Arlene and Ron Freeman

Family of Benedict Garmisa

Emma and Oscar Getz

In Memory of Mr and Mrs Jacob Gidwitz

Mr and Mrs Victor E Gidwitz

Cara and Maurice Glatt

Mr and Mrs Maurice Goldblatt

Lois Kroll Good and Sheldon F. Good

Morton and Deborah Goodman

In memory of Lee Gotskind

Frank B Hall and Co, Inc

Janice L and Jack L Hargrove

Stephen A Harris

Mr and Mrs Joseph B Heller

Valerie and Gary Herschman

Mr and Mrs George D Hirsh

Theodore and Gertrude Horwich

Barbara S Horwitch and Robert M Horwitch

Mr and Mrs Joseph W Horwitch

Mr and Mrs Lawrence Kasakoff

Mr and Mrs Ernest R Katz

Andrew S Kende and Family

Gertrude Kirsner and Eli London

Lee Kirsner Abrams

Morris Kirsner, ESQ

Herman and Gertrude Klafter Foundation

Ethel and Philip M Klutznick

Louis E Kovacs

Barbara Kutchin

Sid Kutchin

Mr and Mrs Maurice Lason

Lucille and Harold Lederer

Milton Lewis

Mr and Mrs Charles W Lubin

Sherwin and Hope Malis

Arthur D Malkin

Judge Abraham Lincoln Marovitz

Mr and Mrs Abe J Matthew and Family

Edward D Matz, Sr.

Richard E Meyer

Mr and Mrs Edgar B Miller

Mrs Bernard A Mitchell

Elaine G Myers

Sheldon B Nesler, MD

Mr and Mrs Jules B Newman

Raymond and Esther Nusinow

Mr and Mrs Aaron H Pinkert

June and Edward M Pinsof

Mr and Mrs Shepard H Plotner

Mr and Mrs Robert D Poden

Larry A Pogofsky Family

Mr and Mrs Jerry E Poncher

Mr and Mrs Sidney L Port

Gertrude Potter

Sol S and Min Raab

Rueben and Proctor

Don and Jeannette Reuben

Philip and Barbara Rollhaus

Mr and Mrs Albert Jay Rosenthal

Mr and Mrs Theodor S Ross

Philip and Rose Rozran Foundation

Alyce F Salerno

Martin and Lucie Sandler

Mr and Mrs Floyd A Schlossberg

Mrs Mildred Schlossberg

Mr Norman M Schlossberg

Dr and Mrs Paul J Schmidt

Harry and Vivian Schultz

Mr and Mrs Hyman Shankman

Mary Ellen and Barry Shipp

In memory of I Irving Silverman

Hortense and Leo Singer

Ellen and Kenneth Solomon

Herman and Hilda Spertus

Dr and Mrs Harry A Springer

Mr and Mrs James H Stone

Mr and Mrs Jerome H Stone

Mr and Mrs Marvin N Stone

Norman H and Ida Stone

Irvin and Ruth Swartzberg

Mr and Mrs Jen-Tao Tsang

Joseph E Valenti Family

Mrs Roy I Warshawsky

Mr and Mrs Joseph T Weiss

Edith K and Arthur Wolf

Mrs Howard Wolfson

Irving and Etta Wolfson

The Gastro-Intestinal Research Foundation Womens Auxiliary

Lois Swartzberg Zoller




Fellowship Competition

1987       Jack D. Ohringer, MD

1988       Michael D. Kreines, MD

1989       Paul B. Warfield, MD

1990       Keith T. Wilson, MD

1991       Matthew B. Smith MD

1992       Judy H. Cho, MD

1993       Joel E. Retsky, MD

1994       Dafna Gordon, MD

1995       Russell D. Cohen, MD


1997       Thistocles Dassopoulos, MD


1999       Sushil K. Jain, MD

2000       David T. Rubin, MD

2002       Greg S. Cohen, MD

2003       Josh Levitsky, MD

2004       Jeffery A. Tuvlin, MD

2005       Laura E. Harrell, MD

2006       Andrew S. Ross, MD

2007       Marc B. Schwartz, MD

2008       Nancy M McGreal, MD

2009       Timothy Zisman, MD

2010       Jonathon Rosenberg, MD

2011       Shirley C. Paski, MD

2012       Emmanuelle Bellaguarda, MD

2013       Emmanuelle Bellaguarda, MD