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Policy on Mandatory Review
NIH K-series and First R-series Application Review Standard Operating Procedures

(required for NIH submission deadlines in calendar 2016 and beyond)

3 months Prior to the NIH Deadline:

1) Principal Investigator will email her/his draft Specific Aims and suggestions for potential DOM reviewers or institutional review panels (e.g., UCCCC) to:

  • Section Chief
  • Research Mentor
  • Julian Solway, MD
  • Bana Jabri, MD, PhD
  • Everett Vokes, MD
  • Departmental Grants Administrator

*The subject line of the email should read:  “Reviewer Request – K/R Series – PI Name”

2) Drs. Solway or Jabri will be responsible for:

  • Assigning the reviewer(s) for the PI/application after consultation with the Section Head
  • Scheduling the review and subsequent follow-up

4 Weeks Prior to the NIH Deadline:

1) Reviewer(s) and Section Chief must document occurrence of the review and approval of the research plan for submission by signing the “Review Confirmation” form, either in hard copy or via electronic signature. All signatures must be on one form.
2) The DOM Grants and Contracts office will include a copy of the signed form in their electronic file prior to routing for Dean/Chair signature.
NIH K-series and First R-series Application