The Department of Medicine is currently accepting nominations for the following awards through June 30, 2021.

Clinical Service Award:

  • Description: This award will be given to a member of the faculty who has delivered the highest quality care/service to patients and referring physicians over the past academic year (July 2020- current). In order to identify this individual, we ask that you click on the link below and identify UP TO 3 MD’s FROM OUTSIDE YOUR SECTION that you believe fit these criteria.  Responses will be kept confidential.
  • Voting: Please fill out the simple form at by Wednesday, June 30, 2021.  

Arthur Rubenstein Mentorship in Academic Medicine Award:

  • Description: This annual award will recognize a single faculty member in the DOM who best exemplifies the role of mentor to students, house staff or faculty in their development as academic physicians.
  • Details: All current faculty members in the Department of Medicine, with the exception of members of the award committee and previous recipients, are eligible for nomination. Applications will be reviewed based upon one criterion: the excellence of the nominee’s work as a mentor to students, house staff and/or faculty in the field of academic medicine.  This mentorship may have occurred in any or all of traditional components of academic medicine: clinical care, education, research, and administration/leadership.
  • Nomination Process: Any student, medicine house officer, or medicine faculty member may initiate the nomination process. The individual initiating the process must coordinate the completion of a nomination packet (outlined below). Students and house staff choosing to initiate the nomination process should contact John McConville. Applications must be submitted electronically to Cindy Kitching
  • Nomination Packet: The Curriculum Vitae of the Nominee, up to three letters of support written by mentees, or groups of mentees, supporting the candidate for this mentorship award.  Please note that letters from mentees outside the institution are permitted.

Department of Medicine Diversity Award.

  • Description:  This award will be given to a faculty member who has contributed to the cultural diversity of the health professions (i.e, fosters pluralism within unity, and affirms people’s multiple identities with an intentional effort to affirm historically marginalized communities), who has demonstrated a commitment to the reduction of health and health care disparities, and/or has improved the cultural climate of the Department of Medicine.
  • Details: All current faculty members in the Department of Medicine (with the exception of members of the award committee and previous recipients) are eligible for nomination.  There is only one award per year.
  • Nomination Process: Any student, DOM house officer, fellow, or faculty member (with the exception of those serving on the selection committee) may initiate the nomination process.  The nominating individual should submit the CV of the nominee and 2 letters of support.  The letters of support may be written by mentees, colleagues, or mentors.   The nominee’s CV and 2 letters of support must be submitted electronically to Cindy Kitching (

The award winners will be announced at a special Department of Medicine faculty meeting in September, 2021