2023 Janet Rowley Research Day Poster Winners

The Department of Medicine is pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 Janet D. Rowley Research Day poster competition. Over 60 posters were reviewed and scored by 3 judges each, comprised of DOM section chiefs, vice chairs & Research Day Committee members, to identify the top submission in each category: basic science research, translational research, clinical research and health service/medical education/social science research.   Please join me in congratulating the following awardees:

Faculty Best Poster Winners:

  • Samantha Gunning (Nephrology): Clinical Research “Impact of Fluid Overload on Patients Receiving Continuous Dialysis for Acute Kidney Injury”
  • Evgeny Izumchenko (H/O): Translational Research“A nanoengineered topical transmucosal cisplatin delivery system induces anti-tumor response in animal models and patients with oral cancer”
  • Matthew Ettleson (Endocrinology): Health Services Research“Trends in Thyroid Hormone Prescribing in the US: 2010 – 2020

Trainee Best Poster Winners:

  • Wenhe Lin (Genetic Medicine): Basic Research“Tissue-specific dynamic eQTLs in response to a high cholesterol, high fat diet in baboons”
  • Kirk Cahill(H/O): Clinical Research – “Prospective Multicenter Phase I/II Trial of Lenalidomide and Dose-Adjusted EPOCH-R in MYC-associated B-cell Lymphomas”
  • Matthew Odenwald(GI): Translational Research “Lactulose-mediated Bifidobacteria expansion excludes antibiotic-resistant pathogens and is associated with improved outcomes in patients with liver disease”
  • Zhiqiu Ye (Geriatrics/PM): Health Services Research – “Opioid and Substance Use Disorder Services in Nursing Homes: Survey Development through Delphi”

DOM Affiliated Staff Best Poster Winners:

  • Jui Desai (Endocrinology): Clinical Research – “Comparing Grit, Anxiety, and Social Responsiveness in KCNJ11-related Neonatal Diabetes (KCNJ11-NDM) and their Sibling Controls”
  • Kiranj Chaudagar (H/O): Translational Research – “BET inhibition sensitizes immunologically-cold Rb-deficient prostate cancer to immune checkpoint blockade via DNA damage-induced STING/NF-kB/type I IFN signaling”
  • Jeffrey Graupner (Geriatrics/PM): Health Services Research – “Training Clinic Providers on Advance Care Planning Improves Provider Self-Efficacy”

Honorable Mention:

Basic Research:

  • Charanya Muralidharan (Endocrinology) “Blocking the Maladaptive Integrated Stress Response Increases Immunosuppressive PD-L1 in Pancreatic ß-cells and Delays Autoimmune Diabetes”
  • Yanhong Cui (Dermatology) “ALKBH4 Stabilization Is Required for Arsenic-Induced 6mA DNA Methylation Inhibition, Keratinocyte Malignant Transformation, and Tumorigenicity”
  • Obada Shamaa (P/CC) “Glutamine Enhances Influenza A Virus Replication in Tissue-Resident Alveolar Macrophages”
  • Rong Wu (H/O) “Senolytic dietary supplement vanadyl sulfate ameliorates age-associated disorders by impairing reactive cysteine homeostasis”
  • Christian Checkcinco (Endocrinology) “The G Protein Coupled Receptor GPR31 Promotes Islet Inflammation and Diabetes”
  • Andy Anderson (Endocrinology) – “Beta cells adapt to insulin resistance via posttranslational modification of the translation factor eIF5A”
  • Nia Hammond (H/O)  “Evaluating the role of OXPHOS in non-small cell lung cancer”
  • Emma Wilkinson (Dermatology)   “Elucidating the role of m6A mRNA methylation in arsenic-induced skin tumorigenesis”

Clinical Research:

  • Cathryn Lee (P/CC) – “Non-Tobacco Exposures in Combined Pulmonary Fibrosis and Emphysema: A Case-Control Analysis”
  • Gregory Roloff (H/O) – “Clinical and molecular response of acute myeloid leukemia harboring non-canonical FLT3 N676K driver mutations to contemporary FLT3 inhibitors”
  • Alexandra Rojek (H/O) “Optimization of Metabolic Tumor Volume as a Prognostic Marker in CAR T-cell Therapy for Aggressive Large B-cell NHL”

Translational Research:

  • Titli Nargis (Endocrinology) “Inhibition of 12-Lipoxygenase in a Humanized Mouse Model of Type 1 Diabetes Delays Progression of Hyperglycemia”
  • Margarite Matossian (H/O) – “Glucocorticoid receptor expression in chemotherapy naïve triple-negative breast cancer is positively associated with FOXP3+ and BATF3+ cell infiltration”

Health Services Research:

  • Venkatesan Krishnamoorthi (Hospital Medicine) – “Primary Care – Behavioral Health Integration for medically complex patients was associated with increased primary care visits among those with previously low engagement in primary care”
  • Lauren Gleason (Geriatrics/PM) – “Delirium Screening in Older Adults Using the 4AT”