2018 Department of Medicine Award Recipients

At the 13th annual Department of Medicine Awards Ceremony held on June 19, 2018 , the nineteen faculty were recognized for their contributions to the Department of Medicine’s educational, clinical and research missions over the past academic year.  The awards were presented by Dr. Everett E. Vokes with assistance from the vice chairs for clinical operations, research , education and faculty development, Drs. Matthew Sorrentino, Julian Solway, John McConville and Deborah Burnet, respectively.

Special Awards:

  • Leif B. Sorensen,MD,PhD Faculty Research Award: Yun Fang, PhD (Pulmonary/Critical Care)
  • Arthur Rubenstein,MD Faculty Mentorship Award: Vineet Arora,MD (General Internal Medicine)
  • Diversity Award: Milda Saunders,MD (General Internal Medicine)

Clinical Awards:

  • Clinical Productivity  Awards:
    • Nicole Stankus,MD (Nephrology)- Procedure Activity
    • Navneet Cheema,MD (Emergency Medicine)- Evaluation and Management
    • Nabil Abou Baker,MD (General Internal Medicine) – Patient Visits
    • Bharathi Reddy,MD (Nephrology)- Overall Clinical Activity
  • Outstanding Clinical Service Award: Anisha Dua,MD (Rheumatology)
  • Clinical Service Award (Junior Faculty): Laura Frye,MD (Pulmonary/Critical Care) and Jennifer Rusiecki,MD (General Internal Medicine)
  • Patient Satisfaction Award:- Jason Alexander,MD (General Internal Medicine)

Education Awards:

  • Preclinical Teacher of the Year Award – Jeanne Farnan,MD (Hospital Medicine)
  • Clinical Teacher of the Year Award- Patricia Kurtz,MD (General Internal Medicine)
  • Postgraduate Teaching Award : Monica Malec,MD (Geriatrics/Palliative Medicine)
  • Medical Resident Teaching Awards:
    • Andrew Aronshon,MD (GI)
    • Kamala Cotts,MD (General Internal Medicine)
    • Patricia Kurtz,MD (General Internal Medicine)
    • Michael Broman,MD,PhD (Cardiology)
  • Emergency Medicine Resident Awards:
    • Clinical Teaching Award – Michael Hafez,MD
    • Faculty Mentorship Award- James Ahn,MD