The MacLean for Clinical Medical Ethics at the University of Chicago is the oldest, largest, and most successful clinical ethics fellowship program in the world. Dr. Mark Siegler, the Founding Director of the MacLean Center, created the first clinical ethics fellowship in the nation in 1981. Since then, the MacLean Center faculty members have trained more than 375 fellows, many of whom have gone on to direct their own ethics programs. While most fellows are physicians, we also welcome those interested in clinical medical ethics from any discipline, including philosophy, theology, nursing, law, and the social sciences. The MacLean Center, with more than 40 faculty members from many disciplines, provides an outstanding setting for training in clinical medical ethics.

The fellowship training program begins with a unique five week, full-time Summer Intensive that offers 90 seminars/lectures in July and early August. During the Summer Intensive, fellows attend 3-4 seminars daily. From September to June, fellows meet one day a week for a structured ethics curriculum including Topics in Clinical Medical Ethics, Introduction to Moral Philosophy and Bioethics, and Ethics, Law and Medicine. With faculty supervision, fellows participate actively in a busy ethics consultation service. Faculty mentors assist fellows as they design and carry out research projects. While most fellows are physicians, we welcome those interested in medical ethics from any perspective, including philosophy, nursing, and the social sciences. There is no tuition fee for the fellowship and participants in the part-time fellowship program do not receive a stipend.

For more information about the application process, the fellowship curriculum, and our former and current fellows, please visit: http://macleanethics.uchicago.edu/fellowship/overview/