Didactic Series

The core curriculum is organized around a series of teaching sessions as described below.

Quality/Peer Review Clinicopathologic Conference (CPC)

The Quality/Peer Review CPC is a clinical-pathologic session in which participants examine invited patients in the clinic, review their clinical and pathology findings, and discusses the cases with emphasis description, differential diagnosis, and management. The conference has the following goals:

  • Develop residents’ skills in morphologic description, differential diagnosis, case presentation, and public speaking.
  • Assess and improve residents’ knowledge of clinical dermatology, including pathophysiology and therapeutics.
  • Teach dermatology and dermatopathology through clinical-pathologic correlation.
  • Arrive at informed, rational management decisions through the process of internal consultation.
  • Prepare outstanding teaching cases for subsequent presentation at the Chicago Dermatological Society meeting, other regional and national meetings, and publication in the peer-reviewed journals.
  • Encourage interaction between residents and faculty through a collegial group dynamic.

Image Based Didactics Conference

These clinical morphology sessions are led by a faculty member who presents clinical images accompanied by exam-style second-order and applied knowledge questions. The answers and key information regarding the diagnoses are discussed.  In-depth study of selected primary dermatology textbooks is formalized into textbook review sessions held weekly.  The following textbooks are currently studied:

  • Dermatology 4th Ed. – Bolognia, Jorizzo, Schaffer
  • Skin Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment 4th Ed. – Habif, Dinolus, Shane
  • Comprehensive Dermatologic Drug Therapy 3rd Ed. – Wolverton
  • Surgery of the Skin 3rd Ed. – Robinson
  • Dermatopathology 2nd Ed. – Elston, et al.

Textbook reviews are supplemented by readings from other texts and selected articles from the peer-reviewed literature. Residents are responsible for reading all the primary-assigned material before each conference and are encouraged also to read the supplementary texts.  A resident and faculty member are assigned to lead the discussion at each review session.

Dermatopathology Conferences

Dedicated dermatopathology teaching sessions are held approximately weekly and include teaching by dermatopathology faculty and fellows. Some sessions focus on the topics covered in the assigned textbook chapters, while “unknowns” sessions challenge the residents to apply their knowledge.

Specialty Topic Lectures

Surgical, pediatric, cosmetic and other specialty topic lectures are presented throughout the year. Guest lectures by UChicago Medicine faculty from complimentary divisions and from regional and national experts are held periodically.

Adult Consults/Pathology/Pediatric Consults Rewinds

This monthly conference is led by the previous month’s residents on these services. Each resident review the most interesting cases seen during their rotation with emphasis on teaching points.  Clinical and histopathologic images are utilized to support the discussion.

Board Review Series

Board review sessions are conducted two to three times per year to prepare residents for the American Board of Dermatology in-training examination and certifying examinations.

Melanoma Tumor Board

This interdisciplinary (Medicine, Dermatology, Surgery, Pathology, etc.) conference is designed to comprehensively review the medical records of complex melanoma patients referred to UChicago Medicine. Emphasis is placed on diagnosis and management, including entry into clinical trials.