The fellow participates in a wide variety of educational conferences throughout the fellowship term. The following is a representative list of the opportunities for attendance and participation in educational conferences:

Name of Conference Frequency Held Individual(s) or Department Responsible for Organization of Sessions
Dermatology Core Curriculum Weekly Dermatology
Dermatopathology Unknowns Conference Weekly Dermatology (slides chosen by Fellow)
Dermatopathology Slide Conference Weekly Dermatology (run by Fellow for residents)
Dermatologic Surgery Weekly Dermatology
Dermatology Slide Club 2x/month> Dermatology (for Pathology Dept)
Dermatopathology Recent Case Conference Monthly Dermatology (DP Fellow)
Quality/Peer Review Clinicopathologic Conference Monthly Dermatology (path presented by Fellow)
Dermatopathology Core Curriculum (Wheedon) Weekly Dermatology (run by Fellow for residents)
Dermatology Clinical Journal Club Monthly Dermatology
Dermatology Basic Science Journal Club Monthly Dermatology
Clinical Morphology Monthly Dermatology
Chicago Dermatological Society 6x/year Dermatology
Midwest Pediatric Dermatology Meeting 4x/year Dermatology
Dr. Maria Medenica Lectureship Dermatopathology Day Annually Dermatology
Melanoma Tumor Board 2x/month Multidisciplinary
Surgical Pathology QA Conference Daily Pathology
Surgical Pathology Unknowns Conferencee 2x/week Pathology
Autopsy Conference Weekly Pathology
Cytopathology Conference Weekly Pathology
Pathology Research Seminar Series Weekly Pathology
AP Slide Club 2x/Month Pathology
Hematopathology Conference Monthly Pathology
Molecular Pathology Conference Montly Pathology
CPP Course Annually Pathology & Dermatology