Clinical Trial Financial Group

In August of 2011, the Clinical Trial Financial Group (CTFG) was formed and began organizing a cadre of experts to develop and implement process improvement and standard practices surrounding budget review, development, and negotiation; clinical research bill review and payment; evaluation, tracking, and management of clinical trial earnings; sponsor invoicing; and cash collection. Today, the Clinical Trial Financial Group (CTFG) is responsible for clinical trial budget development and negotiation, as well as comprehensive billing and recovery of clinical research earnings for over 500 clinical trials. For further information regarding Confidentiality Agreements, clinical trial budgeting or negotiation, research/core billing payment, and/or industry account reconciliation, please contact Ashley Hoambrecker.

Ashley Hoambrecker
Director of Clinical Trials, CTFG

Robert Clark, PhD
Assistant Director, Budgets and Contracts, CTFG