Kyle Hogarth, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine (Pulmonary/Critical Care) launched a new interventional organization for bronchoscopy  called the Society for Advanced Bronchoscopy .  The mission of the Society is” to promote and support excellence in interpretive skills and technical knowledge of those involved in advanced bronchoscopy and to help maintain professional practice integrity”.  Dr. Hogarth will serve as Society President and Program Chair of the inaugural symposium scheduled for October 29, 2017.

Dr. Hogarth is the Director of Bronchoscopy at the University of Chicago Medicine, and is an expert in pulmonary diseases,including alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency. He is also involved with the minimally invasive diagnosis, management, and staging of lung cancer through bronchoscopy. Dr. Hogarth was one of the first doctors in Illinois to work with the superDimension system — an electromagnetic navigation system that uses 3-D imaging technology to detect and biopsy nodules and masses. He uses endobronchial ultrasound to biopsy lymph nodes, place stents in cancerous airways, and perform all other minimally invasive techniques to help patients with lung cancer.  Dr. Hogarth was the first physician in Illinois to perform bronchial thermoplasty, a new FDA-approved technique to treat severe asthma. He has done the most cases in Illinois.

Dr. Hogarth’s research focuses on improving quality of life and outcomes for patients with AAT deficiency and lung cancer. He is an investigator in numerous clinical trials for these diseases.

Dr. Hogarth describes a field with growing demand that relies on complex technology and medical practitioners who must have advanced skills to offer the best possible patient management and care. “The whole field of flexible and advanced bronchoscopy is growing rapidly, and it hasn’t had a focused, strong enough voice to promote quality, particularly in cancer staging and management. If we want to see growth in R&D in this field, the number and quality of users has to rise in order to justify continued investment. We need academics, physicians in private practice as well as industry working together to further the field.”

The Society will provide experience-based, quality education for physicians and technologists. Among the issues the society will address are overall reimbursement of bronchoscopy, professional standards, and encouraging growth of the field to meet the growing demand. Rising numbers of lung cancer and emphysema cases in the US are among the factors that have driven steady growth for the field.

The Society for Advanced Bronchoscopy is an international organization with a growing membership of physicians, fellows, residents, allied-health professionals, and students as well as industry partners, and is welcoming new member applications. The program agenda and registration link for the inaugural meeting can be found at