DDRCC Pilot and Feasibility Awards

Funding Opportunity for Pilot & Feasibility Projects through the University of Chicago’s NIDDK/NIH-Sponsored Digestive Diseases Research Core Center (DDRCC)

Interested applicants should contact Drs. Eugene B. Chang (DDRCC Director) Bana Jabri (DDRCC Co-director) or Cathy Nagler (P&F Program Director) prior to submitting a full application by July 14, 2017


Goals: The overarching theme of the DDRCC is research in Digestive Health and Disease, including inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and related areas of intestinal inflammation, immunology, the gut microbiome, metabolism, and epithelial biology/cancer of the GI tract.  Pilot and Feasibility applications focused on these “mission” areas will receive higher priority.  Pilot and Feasibility awards are offered in order of priority for the purposes of:

1.  Attracting new investigators (Track I), including promising senior research fellows and post-doctoral candidates having the endorsement of their Departments, into the mission areas of the DDRCC. This is the principal target group and is intended ideally for candidates without current NIH or other significant extramural support to initiate research into digestive diseases.

2. Allowing more established faculty members (Track II), who are not currently engaged in gastrointestinal research, to extend their investigations into the mission areas of the DDRCC.

3. Permitting faculty members already engaged in research of Digestive Diseases (Track III), to test a novel hypothesis that is significantly different from the investigator’s mainstream research.  Applications which emphasize DDRCC core use and which will strengthen collaborative interactions among scientists within the digestive disease research community are particularly encouraged. It is strongly anticipated that these pilot projects will enhance the ability of investigators to compete successfully for extramural research in IBD and related areas of gastrointestinal research.

Suggested Research Topics:  Broad aspects of basic and translational/clinical research related to enteric microbiology, inflammation, and immunology of the digestive tract and pathogenesis, genetics, pathophysiology, and bench-to-bedside aspects of inflammatory bowel diseases will be given higher priority.  In addition, proposals focused on the examination of growth and differentiation, cancer biology, intestinal epithelial biology and pathobiology of the gastrointestinal tract (including the luminal GI tract, liver, pancreas, biliary system, etc.), as well as basic or clinical research in the areas of nutrition, metabolism, and digestive diseases are appropriate topics for Pilot & Feasibility studies.  Please feel free to ask for guidance if you are unsure about the suitability of your topic or project.

Hosted By
Eugene Chang,MD

August 31, 2017

12:00am - 12:00am