Below is a current list of resources available relating to COVID-19.

Outpatient COVID Training 4 6

Coronavirus Resource Center and click box in the top/center or visit this link. Central repository for all UCM clinical material about COVID-19, including SOPs, videos, etc.
General Coronavirus Email General staff questions about UCM/BSD response to the outbreak
24/7 Staff Resource Line 1-800-683-5704 Questions that cannot be answered on the unit level
COVID-19 Teletriage 773-702-2800 (Patients)

773-702-6819 (Employees who need to schedule testing appointments)

Screening employees and current patients for COVID-19 symptoms and scheduling tests if necessary
MyChart E-visits E-screenings with UCM clinicians for current patients with COVID-19 symptoms
Medical Supply Donations Donations of supplies and other equipment to support our response efforts


30028 COVID-19 Resource Team Clinical issues related to inpatients or outpatients with COVID-19 or suspected to have COVID-19


COVID-19 Infection Control Team Infection control questions related to inpatients or outpatients suspected of having or confirmed to have COVID-19
30044 COVID-19 Antiviral Team Questions related to antivirals in confirmed COVID patients
7025 General Infection Control


Infection control issues not related to COVID-19


General Hospital Epidemiologist Non-COVID-19 related epidemiology issues


Needlesticks Needlesticks and work-related, unprotected exposures to known COVID-positive individuals. Also call if you are at home on quarantine after an exposure and you develop symptoms of COVID-19


BSD has a very informative webpage devoted to COVID-19 guidance at this link: