Research Programs

Cardiology Researchh

The Section of Cardiology is involved in a wide range of basic, translational and clinical research programs that span all of the cardiovascular sub-specialty areas. The overall goal of cardiovascular research is to advance knowledge of the mechanisms, diagnoses, and treatments of cardiovascular disease. The faculty conducts research in our Basic Science Laboratories, Clinical Laboratories and the Clinical Facilities. The basic research programs address such areas as cardiac development, cardiac myocyte function, and genetic factors leading to cardiomyopathy, endothelial function, ion channels and receptors and lipid abnormalities.

The clinical research programs compliment these areas by providing clinical research programs in:

  • congestive heart failure and transplantation
  • electrophysiology
  • interventional cardiology
  • cardiac imaging
  • preventative cardiology

These and other programs provide a unique collaborative environment between the various sub-specialties in cardiology. In addition, the Section works closely with other specialties within the Department of Medicine and other Departments in collaborative programs. These Departments include Cardiothoracic Surgery, Endocrinology, Pathology, and Molecular Medicine.