National Recognition

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Founded in 1780, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences is an independent policy research center that conducts multidisciplinary studies of complex and emerging problems. The Academy’s elected members are leaders in the academic disciplines, the arts, business and public affairs. The following are current Department of Medicine faculty who have been elected to the Academy

  • Graeme Bell, PhD
  • Olufunmilayo Olopade, MD

American Association for the Advancement of Science 

The AAAS seeks to “advance science, engineering, and innovation throughout the world for the benefit of all people.” The formation of AAAS in 1848 marked the emergence of a national scientific community in the United States. While science was part of the American scene from the nation’s early days, its practitioners remained few in number and scattered geographically and among disciplines. AAAS was the first permanent organization formed to promote the development of science and engineering at the national level and to represent the interests of all its disciplines. The following are current Department of Medicine faculty who have been elected to the AAAS.

  • Marisa Alegre,MD,PhD
  • Yoav Gilad,PhD

National Academy of Medicine

The National Academy of Medicine (NAM), established in 1970 under the name Institute of Medicine (IOM), is an independent organization of eminent professionals from diverse fields including health and medicine; the natural, social, and behavioral sciences; and beyond. It serves alongside the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering as adviser to the nation and the international community. Through its domestic and global initiatives, the NAM works to address critical issues in health, medicine, and related policy and inspire positive action across sectors. The NAM collaborates closely with its peer academies and other divisions within the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. The following are current Department of Medicine faculty who have been elected to the NAM.

  • Mark Anderson,MD
  • Vineet Arora,MD
  • Graeme Bell, PhD
  • Marshall Chin, MD
  • Robert Gibbons, PhD
  • David Meltzer, MD, PhD
  • Olufunmilayo Olopade, MD
  • Monica Peek ,MD,MPH
  • Kenneth Polonsky, MD

National Academy of Sciences 

  • Olufunmilayo Olopade, MD

Association of American Physicians

The Association of American Physicians (AAP) established October 10, 1885, is an honorific, elected society of America’s leading physician-scientists who exemplify the pinnacle of pioneering and enduring, impactful contributions to improve health.The AAP seeks to inspire the full breadth of physician-led research across all fields of science related to medicine and health, and to build a community of physician scientists in support of the principle that objective science and evidence are essential foundations for improving patient care and the health of Americans. The following are current Department of Medicine faculty who have been elected to the AAP.

  • Marisa Alegre,MD,PhD
  • Mark Anderson,MD
  • Michael A. Becker, MD
  • Antonio Bianco,MD,PhD
  • Eugene Chang, MD
  • Arlene Chapman,MD
  • Marshall Chin,MD
  • Marcus Clark,MD
  • Fredric Coe, MD
  • Thomas Gajewski,MD,PhD
  • Alan Leff, MD
  • Bana Jabri, MD, PhD
  • James Liao, MD
  • David Meltzer, MD, PhD
  • Gokhan Mutlu,MD
  • Olufunmilayo Olopade, MD
  • Eric Pamer,MD
  • Kenneth Polonsky,MD
  • Mark J. Ratain,MD
  • Samuel Refetoff,MD
  • Mark Siegler, MD
  • Julian Solway, MD
  • Everett Vokes, MD                        

American Society for Clinical Investigation

The American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI), established in 1908, is one of the nation’s oldest and most respected medical honor societies. The ASCI seeks to support the scientific efforts, educational needs, and clinical aspirations of physician-scientists to improve human health. The ASCI comprises more than 3,000 physician-scientists from all medical specialties elected to the Society for their outstanding records of scholarly achievement in biomedical research. The ASCI represents physician-scientists who are at the bedside, at the research bench, and at the blackboard. Many of its senior members are widely recognized leaders in academic medicine. The following are current Department of Medicine faculty who have been elected to the ASCI.

  • Marisa Alegre, MD, PhD
  • Mark Anderson, MD
  • Vineet Arora,MD
  • Michael A. Becker, MD
  • Antonio Bianco,MD,PhD
  • Eugene Chang, MD
  • Marcus Clark, MD
  • Fredric Coe, MD
  • Elbert Huang, MD, MPH
  • Thomas Gajewski, MD, PhD
  • Lucy Godley, MD, PhD
  • Harvey Golomb, MD
  • James Liao, MD
  • Alan Leff, MD
  • David Meltzer, MD, PhD
  • Raghu Mirmira,MD,PhD
  • Gokhan Mutlu, MD
  • Olufunmilayo Olopade, MD
  • Eric Pamer,MD
  • Kenneth Polonsky, MD
  • Samuel Refetoff, MD
  • Julian Solway, MD
  • Everett Vokes, MD

University of Chicago Recognition

Named Professorships

  • Mark Anderson, MD-Paul and Allene Russell Professor
  • Vineet Arora,MD – Herbert T. Abelson Professor
  • Graeme Bell, PhD – Kovler Family Distinguished Professor
  • Eugene Chang, MD-Martin Boyer Professor
  • Jing Chen,PhD- Janet Davison Rowley Distinguished Service Professor in Cancer Research
  • Marshall Chin, MD- Richard Parillo Family Professor in Healthcare Ethics
  • Thomas Gajewski, MD,PhD- Abbvie Foundation Professor
  • Robert Gibbons, PhD- Blum Riese Professor
  • Lucy Godley,MD,PhD- Hospira Foundation Professor in Oncology
  • Harvey Golomb, MD – Lowell T. Coggeshall Professor
  • Robert Grossman,PhD- Frederick H. Rawson Professor Distinguished Service Professor
  • Bana Jabri, MD,PhD- Sara and Harold Lincoln Thompson Distinguished Service Professor
  • Roberto Lang,MD- A.J. Carlson Professor
  • David Meltzer, MD,PhD- Fanny L. Pritzker Professor
  • Olufunmilayo Olopade, MD- Walter L. Palmer Distinguished Service Professor
  • Eric Pamer,MD,PhD-Donald F. Steiner Professor
  • Monica Peek,MD- Ellen H. Block Professor for Health Justice
  • Louis Philipson, MD,PhD- James C. Tyree Professor in Diabetes Research and Care
  • Nanduri Prabhakar, PhD – Harold H. Hines, Jr. Professor
  • Kenneth Polonsky, MD – Richard T. Crane Distinguished Service Professor
  • Mark Ratain, MD – Leon O. Jacobson Professor
  • Samuel Refetoff, MD -Frederick H. Rawson Professor
  • David Rubin, MD- The Joseph B. Kirsner Professor of Medicine
  • Andrey Rzhetsky, PhD- Edna K. Papazian Professor
  • Christopher Shea, MD- Eugene J. Van Scott Professor
  • Mark Siegler, MD – Lindy Bergman Distinguished Service Professor
  • Sonali Smith,MD- Elwood V. Jensen Professor
  • Keyoumars Soltani,MD- Allan L. Lorincz Professor
  • Julian Solway, MD- Walter L. Palmer Distinguished Service Professor
  • Walter Stadler, MD – Fred C. Buffett Professor
  • Wendy Stock ,MD – Anjuli Seth Nayak Professor in Leukemia
  • Eve Van Cauter, PhD- Frederick H. Rawson Professor
  • Everett Vokes, MD – John E. Ultmann Professor Distinguished Service Professor

Department of Medicine Awards

Department of Medicine Distinguished Service Award

This prestigious award is given to a faculty member in recognition of their excellence to the tripartite mission. Previous recipients of this award are:

  • Joseph B. Kirsner, MD,PhD
  • Janet Rowley, MD
  • Louis Cohen, MD
  • Morton Arnsdorf, MD
  • Angelo Scanu, MD
  • Keyoumars Soltani, MD
  • Jesse B. Hall, MD
  • Roy E. Weiss, MD, PhD
  • Mark Siegler, MD
  • Samuel Refetoff, MD
  • Eve Van Cauter, PhD
  • Roberto Lang, MD
  • Dorothy Hanck, PhD
  • Linda Druelinger,MD
  • Michelle Le Beau,PhD
  • Edward Garrity,Jr.,MD
  • David Pitrak,MD
  • Kathleen Mullane,DO
  • Emily Landon,MD
  • Philip Hoffman,MD
  • Julian Solway,MD
  • Harvey Golomb,MD

Arthur H. Rubenstein, MD Mentorship Award

This annual award recognizes a single faculty member in the Department of Medicine who best exemplifies the role of mentor to students, house staff or faculty in their development as academic physicians. The award is named in honor of Dr. Arthur Rubenstein who served as Chair of the Department of Medicine from 1981-1997. Previous recipients of this award are:

  • Eugene B. Chang, MD
  • Julian Solway, MD
  • Jesse Hall, MD
  • Roberto Lang, MD
  • Marshall Chin, MD
  • Frederic Coe, MD
  • Olufunmilayo Olopade, MD
  • Deborah Burnet, MD
  • Mary Strek, MD
  • David Meltzer,MD,PhD
  • Wendy Stock, MD
  • Graeme Bell, PhD
  • Vineet Arora,MD
  • Elbert Huang,MD, MPH
  • Monica Peek,MD
  • Mark Ratain,MD
  • Mark Siegler,MD
  • Sonali Smith,MD

Leif B. Sorensen, MD, PhD Faculty Research Award

This annual award recognizes the performance of outstanding basic or translational scientific research by an advanced junior and mid-career faculty in the Department of Medicine. This award is named in honor of Dr. Leif B. Sorensen who served the Department of Medicine for over 40 years as vice chair from 1976-1999, and interim chair in 1997-1998. Previous recipients of this award are:

  • Suzanne Conzen, MD
  • Marisa Alegre, MD,PhD
  • Anne Sperling, MD
  • Bana Jabri, MD,PhD
  • Eric Svensson ,MD,Ph.D
  • Elbert Huang, MD
  • Patrick Wilson, PhD
  • Konstantin Birukov, MD,PhD
  • Lucy Godley ,MD,PhD
  • John Schneider,MD,MPH
  • Yu Ying He,PhD
  • Esra Tasali,MD
  • Monica Peek, MD
  • Yun Fang,PhD
  • Megan Huisingh-Scheetz,MD
  • Neda Laiteerapong,MD
  • Justin Kline,MD
  • Valerie Press,MD
  • Alexandra Dumitrescu,MD,PhD
  • Milda Saunders,MD
  • Arshiya Baig,MD
  • Alexander Pearson,MD,PhD

Diversity Award

This annual award recognizes a faculty member who has contributed to the cultural diversity of the health professions, who has demonstrated a commitment to the reduction of health and health care disparities, and/or has improved the cultural climate of the Department of Medicine. Previous recipients of this award are:

  • Monica Vela, MD
  • David Howes, MD
  • Blanca Camoretti-Mercado,PhD
  • Minoli Perera,PhD
  • Monica Peek,MD,MPH
  • John Schneider,MD,MPH
  • James Woodruff,MD
  • Doriane Miller, MD
  • Milda Saunders,MD
  • Kamala Cotts,MD
  • Shellie Williams,MD
  • Keme Carter,MD
  • Sonali Paul,MD