2021 Department of Medicine Award Recipients

The 16th annual Department of Medicine Awards Ceremony was held on 9/14/2021. The following faculty were honored for their contributions to the Department’s missions in patient care, research and medical education:

Clinical Service Awards:

Clinical Productivity Awards: 

  1. Procedure Activity-  David Harter, MD (Emergency Medicine)
  2. Evaluation and Management –  Victoria Barbosa, MD(Dermatology)
  3. Patient Visits – Victoria Barbosa, MD(Dermatology)
  4. Overall Clinical Activity-  David Harter, MD (Emergency Medicine)

Outstanding Clinical Service Award:  Jennifer Pisano,MD (Infectious Diseases & Global Health)

Clinical Service Award (New/Junior Faculty): Renea Jablonski,MD (Pulmonary/Critical Care)

Patient Satisfaction Award: Justin Kline,MD (Hematology/Oncology)


Education Awards:

Preclinical Teacher of the Year Award: Scott Stern,MD (General Internal Medicine)

Clinical Teachers of the Year Awards:  Jason Alexander,MD, Adam Cifu,MD, and  Amber Pincavage,MD  (General Internal Medicine) 

Medical Resident Teaching Awards: Monica Vela,MD, Kamala Cotts,MD, Mindy Schwartz,MD (General Internal Medicine) and Kyle Hogarth,MD (Pulmonary/Critical Care) 

Postgraduate Teaching Awards: Benjamin Derman,MD (Hematology/Oncology) and Jay Koyner,MD (Nephrology)

Emergency Medicine Resident Awards:

• Outstanding Emergency Medicine Faculty Educator Award- Zayir Malik,MD
• Outstanding Emergency Medicine Faculty Mentorship Award – David Harter,MD

Research Award: 

Leif B. Sorensen,MD,PhD Faculty Research Award: Alexandra Dumistrescu,MD,PhD (Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism) and Milda Saunders,MD,MPH (General Internal Medicine)

Special Awards:

Arthur Rubenstein Faculty Mentorship Award: Mark Siegler,MD  (General Internal Medicine)

Diversity Award:  Keme Carter,MD (Emergency Medicine)

Distinguished Service Awards:  Philip Hoffman, MD (Hematology/Oncology) and Julian Solway, MD (Pulmonary/Critical Care)